Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 44: Giant Hershey Kiss Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie

Tonight, I hosted the Ashcraft annual Valentine dinner for my family of four. Tomorrow is officially Valentine's Day, but Nick has a basketball game and we won't be home to celebrate.  I am not a real big fan of Valentine's day - it's another holiday where big business chooses to make huge amounts of money off guilting people into showing they love someone with overpriced gifts.  The real test is showing your love every other day of the year without spending a dime - that's real and genuine!!

So, about 5 years ago, I decided to begin a Valentine's tradition by making it a special family time together.  Every year, I cook a favorite meal that everybody likes.  Tonight, I made homemade heart shaped pizzas - from scratch.  The boys love my pizza recipe!  I set up the table with decorations, nice glasses, and candles and we just enjoy being together.

For dessert, I borrowed a recipe from Jenny of Picky Palate.  I saw these Giant Hershey's Kiss Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies about a month ago and new these would grace my table on Valentine's day.  The Hershey's kiss is huge (equal to about 7 regular kisses - see photo) and it took a lot of cookie dough to wrap around it.  It was a very big cookie and the chocolate oozing out of it was amazing! We ate these warm from the oven (ice cream on top would have been fantastic) and it was so rich, I was in a sugar coma the rest of the evening!
After dinner, we played a traditional game of heart bingo, in which I had printed up coupon prizes for the kids, such as Free Chores pass for a day or Movie rental of your choice.  
It was a blast and fun for all!  Only 364 days to plan the next one - it always has to be bigger and better than the rest!

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