Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 47: National Almond Day

The next few days are very busy for me.  I have 2 cakes to bake and decorate - one for Friday and the other for Saturday. The one I am working on tonight is a 2 tiered cake with a piano theme for my friend's daugher's 10 year old birthday.  Friday night, I am decorating a paint palette themed cake for another friend's daughter's "art" themed birthday party. Looking forward to putting my creativeness on an icing canvas!  I will post pictures this weekend. 

My love for baking and decorating has grown into more than just a hobby, it is a side business for me and gives me a little spending money for those "extras".  Two years ago, I saved up and was able to buy a double oven for my kitchen, which has been very useful and a great investment.  Last year, I was in the process of saving my baking money and was considering getting my husband a new road bike.  About that time, our air conditioner died and we had to replace it. Guess where my hard earned money went to?!  Yep!! I am just thankful that we had that money as a back up.  The good Lord always provides!!  Right now, I don't have immediate plans for my savings. We are planning a trip to Atlanta this summer, so it will probably allow us to splurge a little while we are there.
Since I will be a little short on time the next few days, my desserts will be very simple. Today is National Almond Day, and while eating a handful of almonds would be easy, it wouldn't be very indulgent.  I eat almonds on a regular basis, so that's nothing new for me.  But what about almonds and chocolate! I decided to melt some Ghiradelli dipping chocolate, add some almonds and spoon into some candy molds.  I even made some with Reeses pieces and some with Jr. Mints that I had in the cabinet.  Cute, simple and delicious!!

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  1. I'm really enjoying your blog! One of my new year's resolutions is to only have one dessert a month. So, when I'm feeling the need to be tempted... I look through your blog instead. :)

    By the way, these look delicious and extremely simple to make! I'll have to remember these next year.