Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 46: National Gum Drop Day

Today is National Gum Drop Day.  I like the red and orange gum drops as long as they aren't the spice kind.  Those are nasty - except for the cinnamon! When I was a kid, my mom used to make orange slice cookies. It was basically an oatmeal cookie with orange slices.  They were so good.  My favorite of the jelly type candy is the cherry jellies.  February is a good time of year to find these because they sell the cherry jelly hearts at Valentine's.  I decided to add these to brownies for a chocolate and cherry dessert combination.  
To make Cherry Jelly Brownies, I started with a Ghiradelli brownie mix and made it according to the package directions.  I added a teaspoon of cherry extract to add flavoring to the actual brownies and stirred in sliced cherry jelly hearts. Thank goodness these only made up an 8" square pan of brownies because these were yum!  I will be taking leftovers to work tomorrow so I don't eat them all.  The cherry extract definitely made a difference in the taste of the brownies and the chewiness of the jelly hearts was delish!!

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