Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 45: National Cream Filled Chocolates Day

Well, of course today is National Cream Filled Chocolates Day!  What else would we celebrate on Valentine's Day - love and lots of calories!!  :)  I found these cute chocolate Truffles at the store a few weeks ago and knew I wanted to try them.  They have been tempting me in the cabinet, but I endured and saved them just for today! They had 3 different fillings: strawberry, caramel and mocha.  I passed on the mocha since I am not a fan of coffee. They were almost too cute to eat but were delicious!! 
Looking forward to hitting the gym tonight for weight training class.  I haven't been since last Thursday due to being out of town, so I need a good, tough workout (hint, hint Heather - give it to me good tonight!!).

Hope you are blessed with family and friends and that you take every opportunity to show them you love them - not just on Valentine's Day!!

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