Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 62: Banana Cream Pie Day

Welcome to the month of March - spring seems to be just around the corner. Since this winter was on the mild side, it seems as if we just finished fall!  March is a very busy month in the Ashcraft household. We celebrate mine and my 2 boys birthdays as well as our wedding anniversary and several other family members birthdays. Then, spring break marks the turning point in the school year that signifies the end of school is in sight.
For the whole month of March, I have selected a recipe book from Sandra Lee from the Food Network to choose my desserts from: Sandra Lee Semi_Homemade Desserts. Her theory is to use 70% ready-made convenience products, add it to 30% fresh ingredients and give it your own creative personal style. So don't freak out when you see me posting about using a cake mix or store bought cookie dough.  This will allow me to use my creative baking skills but still have time to sleep at night.
Since today is National Banana Cream Pie day, I chose a similar dessert to make: Banana Pudding Bites. I am all about mini, individual desserts. They are just cute and petite and they control portion sizes which help prevent over indulging. So these Banana Pudding Bites were just the right dessert!
Banana Pudding Bites
Recipe from: Sandra Lee
Serving: 3 per serving / 8 servings per recipe / 185 calories per serving

  • 3 ripe bananas, peeled
  • 32 vanilla wafer cookies
  • 1 cup prepared fat-free, sugar-free instant banana cream pudding
  • 1-1/2 cups fat free milk
  • 4 vanilla wafer cookies, crumbled
  1. To prepare pudding: In a bowl, whisk together 1 box banana cream pudding mix and 1-1/2 cups milk for 2 minutes.  Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 3 hours.
  2. Remove the ends from peeled bananas and discard.  Cut each banana into 10 to 12 1/2 inch slices.
  3. Place vanilla wafer cookies on a platter; top each cookie with a banana piece.  Dollop a heaping teaspoon of pudding over each banana piece. Sprinkle with crumbled cookies to garnish.

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