Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 67: Happy Birthday to me Cake

Today is my birthday - Happy Birthday to me!! And it happened to fall on my day off - even better!! It also happened on a day that was not a national dessert holiday, so I could bake whatever I wanted to! Usually, my husband gets me a TCBY yogurt cake for my birthday, because I like those. But this year, I was looking forward to trying out a new technique and decorating my own cake. 
Start with your favorite white cake recipe or box mix, whichever you prefer. Divide into 2 bowls, halving the batter equally (I use my kitchen scale to measure the weight). Color each batter a different color, preferably contrasting colors so it will show up better. Using a 1/4 or 1/3 measuring cup, pour batter into center of 9" round cake pan. Using the same size measuring cup, pour the second colored batter on top of previous batter in the center of the pan. Continue, alternating colors until all the batter is used up. This is what the batter should look like when you finish.
My favorite colors are purple and lime green, so that was what I chose. Bake cakes according to your recipe's directions. This technique leaves a zebra stripe design in the cake. Using white cake and chocolate cake leaves a very noticeable zebra stripe. The picture below is a picture with a slice of cake cut out, as well as a picture of my cake fully decorated.

Make a cake using this technique for your next family gathering or friendly get together and you will surely impress!

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