Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 90: Popcorn & M&M's

I am so glad for this week to come to an end. I am exhausted, mentally and physically! Besides dealing with the house flood from the hot water heater and the clean up that ensued, I baked and decorated 3 birthday cakes, all the while going about my normal routine activities of work, family and church. Thankfully, the industrial fans and humidifiers were removed from the house today - I'm not sure I could have gone another day with them around me!! That loud humming noise can drive a person insane!

Today is my sweet Nick's 12th birthday. We surprised him this afternoon with a trip to the AT&T store to pick out his first phone! He was so excited! Then we went out for dinner at his favorite restaurant, La Huerta.

We began moving our furniture back to its original spot, at least until we get the floors and carpet replaced. Needless to say, I am tired so tonight was a great night to share a healthy quick snack with you.

I always keep microwave popcorn around the house. I buy Orville Redenbacher's 100% whole grain Natural popcorn - simply salted with 50% less fat. It is not buttered but is still very tasty. It brings out the natural oil flavor without all that butter. When I really want a treat, I add a fun size bag of M&M's - I love the combination of popcorn with the chocolate. Pour it on while the popcorn is hot and they get soft and melty! Tonight I added an extra special treat - Pretzel M&M's. Delicious!

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