Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 98: Date Night

Today has been a very productive day. Since I ran last night, I decided to hit the gym first thing this morning for weight training class. Morning exercise is not my thing but it feels good to get it over with and get my day started.

For the rest of the morning and afternoon, I mulched my flower bed and then Thomas and I cleaned out the garage. It's amazing how much junk piles up. Can't wait to clean and purge the rest of the house. I was hoping to plant my vegetable garden but that will have to happen tomorrow.

This evening was our date night. We have started scheduling a once a month date night and it has been really fun. Tonight, we went to Ya Ya's bistro in Little Rock where we indulged in a molten brownie covered in crispy phyllo dough topped with ice cream. Cutting into it caused a flow of hot melted chocolate! (Sorry, I meant to take a picture but we devoured it before I realized it!) It was so good! After dinner, we did a little shopping and enjoyed hanging out at Barnes & Noble. Fabulous ending to a great day!

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