Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 15: National Strawberry Ice Cream Day

OK - so what crazy person decided the middle of January was a good time to celebrate strawberry ice cream?! Thankfully, the weather is mild, so snacking on ice cream was a nice little afternoon treat. 

Standing in the frozen food section of the grocery store yesterday, I was looking at all the different brands and types of strawberry ice cream trying to decide what to try.  I like strawberry, but it isn't my favorite flavor of ice cream, so I didn't want to buy a big tub.  So I decided to look in the individual tubs. I discovered 2 brands of strawberry cheesecake ice cream:  Ben & Jerry's and Skinny Cow.  So I decided to have my very own taste testing and report my results to my readers.  According to my 6th grade son, Nick, there are 5 steps to the Scientific Method which I will use to report my experiment.

Step 1: State the question - Can a low fat ice cream possibly taste as good as the full fat version?
Step 2: Hypothesis - I believe the low fat ice cream will be very similar in taste to the full fat version.
Step 3: Research - No research done, just went straight to the taste testing.
Step 4: Experiment - The taste testing was done among 3 of my family members. Each one was given a taste without knowing which one was which.
Step 5: Conclusion - Nick chose the Skinny Cow and Thomas and I were actually undecided over which tasted better.  The Ben & Jerry's had a graham cracker swirl, that the Skinny Cow didn't contain, which brought the flavor to a new level. But other than that, the actual ice cream was similar in taste and flavor.  If I did not have these side by side to taste, I would be pleased with the Skinny Cow ice cream.  Since Nick liked the Skinny Cow, I let him have that and I enjoyed the Ben & Jerry's.  One other thing that I would consider in the future is the calorie count and serving size.  Ben & Jerry's was 220 calories for 3.6 oz, while the Skinny Cow was 150 calories for 5.8 oz.  To me, that's a no brainer!!

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