Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 18: Lofthouse Sugar Cookies

You know those Lofthouse Cookies -  the moist, cake-like sugar cookies with a mound of colored icing and sprinkles?  Well, I do and I really like them!  My kids love them too and want me to buy them, but I only get them on special occasions because if those cookies are in my house, I have a very hard time resisting them. I usually scrape off half of the icing, and then they are perfect.

In my quest to reproduce this cookie, I have tried numerous recipes that claimed to be "Lofthouse-like" cookies. All have failed miserably - until now.  I came across this recipe the other day on the blog Two Peas and Their Pod.  The title caught my attention first and then the picture.  It even looked similar to the real thing!

Since there was not a National dessert for today, I jumped at the chance to make these.  Since today was my day off, it was the perfect opportunity to make these, considering it is a several step process. The anticipation was building, just waiting to find out if this would be "the Cookie".  When the moment of truth arrived, I was pleasantly surprised!  The texture and taste is very close to the real thing.  Maybe just a little more cakey, but still very tasty.  I chose to pipe a swirl of icing on top, so as not to overwhelm the cookie with icing.  It was perfect!  I took them to church and shared with all the kiddos. Overall - a huge success!!

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